Corporate Resolutions

Corporate Resolution in Warner Robins and Dublin

Corporate Resolutions

For all your corporate resolution needs, such as stock issuance, the appointment of officers, adoption of bylaws, dividend declaration, and more, contact Darley Law Firm.

Every corporation, big or small, will, from time to time, need to make decisions that include corporate resolutions. These formal decisions or actions by the board of directors or shareholders will require written documentation and serve as an official record of the company’s decisions or actions. These records then establish policies, authorize transactions, change the company’s bylaws or articles of incorporation, and generally guide the corporation’s operation.

When your organization requires a corporate resolution, Darley Law Firm can be relied on to complete this for you quickly and precisely. Reach out to our team to learn more about our corporate attorney services.

Accurately Executed Corporate Resolutions in Middle Georgia

You must adequately document all decisions a corporation makes and comply with the company’s bylaws, state laws, and regulations. They are typically drafted, reviewed, and approved during formal meetings of the board of directors or shareholders and may require a specific majority or unanimous vote to be adopted, depending on the nature of the resolution and the corporate governance rules in place. Some of the corporate resolutions that we can help you with are:

  • Authorizing the issuance of stock
  • Approving annual budgets
  • Appointing officers and directors
  • Approving mergers and acquisitions
  • Entering into contracts
  • Declaring dividends
  • Adopting or amending corporate policies

Darley Law Firm is Your Trusted and Credible Corporate Attorney

In Warner Robins and Dublin, Georgia, corporate resolutions are legally binding. However, they may be subject to review by regulatory authorities or shareholders, so you must follow proper procedures and keep accurate records when drafting and adopting resolutions. At Darley Law Firm, we take pride in crafting unerring documents for corporate decision-making that adhere to all state and local laws and regulations. So, whether your board has two or 20 on it, book a consultation by calling (478) 219-7327 or email us through our website.